Basic Instinct 2 Review

Instinct says run 

Basic Instinct 2: 4 out of 10: I understand the urge of some to declare this a guilty pleasure. After all the entire movie is fascinatingly ridiculous. Sharon Stone’s character from the first film has turned into a tour de force caricature. Yes, she is too old to play the role as written but I can’t think of any other actress who could play it either.

The idea that any of the characters in this film would find her so appealing that they would jettison any shred of common sense out of the window is nuts. It’s not so much the physical as mental. Her character screams look at me I am psychotic. Now certainly some of us have been guilty of being seduced by a patently psychotic middle-aged nymphomaniac, but alcohol and late hours not to mention a dimly lit bar are usually involved. To be seduced by such a creature in the sober light of day is pure science fiction.

Indeed every character in the movie seems inexplicably smitten in one way or the other by Stone. I can buy one disturbed and naive character such as the baby faced psychiatrist going nuts over her but his ex-wife and her lover as well? The movie has other faults. There really isn’t all that much sex in Basic Instinct 2 and it does drag at times. And while certainly, it is a beautiful shot film, it suffers from a lack of cohesive story with supposed twists are more yawn-inducing than shocking.

Basic Instinct 2 is worth a look just for Stone’s over the top performance but don’t be surprised if you check your watch while shaking your head in disbelief.

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