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Red Rayne

Editors note: I recently watched all three BloodRayne’s back to back and I have to adjust my score on this one from an 8 to a 6. The story is much more muddled than I remember it with scene and time skips and bluntly the direction gets in the way of itself. BTW BloodRayne: The Third Reich (2010) should be your go-to Bloodrayne movie. Easily the best made and most entertaining of the bunch.

BloodRayne (2005): 6 out of 10: Uwe Boll is not the next Ed Wood, Not even close. (To every person who blithely claims this is the worst film ever I recommend Raptor Island on the Sci-fi network as a primer on how bad genre films can actually be or perhaps a made for PAX disaster film such as spoiler titled Killer Flood: The Day the Dam Broke.) Yes, Uwe’s House of the Dead was a particularity stupid film. I hated it too. But Uwe knows how to point his camera in the general direction of the action and keep the action at a pace that holds one’s interest.

BloodRayne is a surprisingly enjoyable genre romp. Of course, all the individual criticisms at the film from the bizarre choices in hairpieces and costumes to the silly dialogue are true. But c’mon it’s a video game/vampire movie. Really how high are one’s expectations going in? For a video game movie, it isn’t half bad. (Its tons better than say Doom, not as tightly put together as say Resident Evil) Uwe brings a refreshing European sensibility to sex and violence in the movie (In other words plenty of gratuitous nudity and violence). He also makes good use of the Romanian landscape bringing an almost Peter Jackson feel to the proceedings.

Also in the campy side of things, it’s always fun watching Hollywood professionals ruin careers for the sake of a paycheck. (The way Madsen looks and acts in this movie I wouldn’t hire him to do my lawn and Kingsley acts as if he is auditioning for the Mr. Burns role in an upcoming live-action Simpson’s movie) So Uwe Boll isn’t the next Ed Wood more a talentless Paul Verhoeven. Hey at least his films are getting better and BloodRayne is a surprisingly fun film for those with a less discriminating taste.

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