Clue (1985) Review

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Clue (1985): 8 out of 10: Some movies from the eighties have aged poorly (cough The Big Chill Cough). I have to admit that I fully expected this to be one of them. I have good memories of Clue but it had been a few decades and who knows how my memory was selective.

Even without the veil of nostalgia Clue is a delight. A slightly campier take on Murder by Death it has a star-studded cast bringing the board game to life. Tim Curry and Madeline Kahn lead the delightful cast with surprisingly entertaining turns by underrated Martin Mull and Colleen Camp.

One nice kids today aspect of the film is the realization that the recent trend of turning games such as Ouija and Battleship into movies is hardly a new one. Clue is not just the granddaddy of the genre but is the reigning champ. It is as good as you remember and better than it had to be or should have ever been.

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