Wordplay (2006) Review

April 9, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

Wordplay is a documentary about such people and the puzzles they love. Like the New York Times resident cruciverbalist Will Shortz, Wordplay is genial to a fault.

Guardians (Zashchitniki) (2017) Review

April 8, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

Guardians (Zashchitniki) 7 out of 10: The Russian take on the superhero genre is derivative and takes a lot from some American mainstays, but you know what it isn’t all that bad in a go big or go home kind of way.

Xchange (2001) Review

April 7, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

Xchange 7 out of 10: Any movie that starts out with the premise that society has purposely cloned hundreds of Stephen Baldwins embarks with one foot in the grave.

Hero (2002) (Ying Xiong) Review

April 6, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

Hero is a frustrating movie since the lack of emotional investment keeps one at such a distance that all you can do is admire the pretty pictures. Credit where credit is due they deliver those pretty pictures in spades.

Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession Review

April 6, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

The film does highlight some great obscure films I still haven’t seen but surprising shows no footage whatsoever from the Z channel itself. Long and talky Z Channel is a great place to find some obscure films it just isn’t that great a story.