Closer (2004) Review

October 9, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

I can’t help but recommend. Closer (2004): 8 out of 10: Mike Nichols directs this theater adaptation with a top-notch cast consisting of Natalie Portman, […]

Catwoman Review

October 7, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

Insert pussy cat joke here Catwoman (2004): 2 out of 10: Halle Berry isn’t the first actor to squander Oscar gold (F. cough Murray cough […]

Carrie review

October 6, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

I can see your dirty pillows. Everyone will. Carrie (1976): 9 out of 10: Shy teenage girl with telekinetic powers and a religious mother faces […]

Amadeus Review

August 21, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

Rock me Salieri Amadeus: 7 out of 10: A brilliantly filmed fictional account of the rivalry between Antonio Salieri (Well deserved Oscar winner F. Murray […]

Quiz Show (1994) Review

May 20, 2019 Julian Kennedy 1

Quiz Show gets overlooked when we talk about great films from the nineties but it really shouldn’t. It has aged exceptionally well and is in many ways more relevant today than during its initial run.

Defiance (2008) Review

May 19, 2019 Julian Kennedy 2

It is not that easy to make a mainstream Holocaust film, release it in December, and get no nominations* for Golden Globes or Oscars. Defiance is trying too hard.

The Silence of the Lambs Review

May 12, 2019 Julian Kennedy 1

I know since it won a bunch of Oscars people like to call it a thriller but one character eats people, and another skins them alive and wears their skin as an outfit. I am going to go with a horror film for this one.

Unforgiven (1992) Review

April 18, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

The film is brutal in both its action and the psychology of the men involved, and the story works as both a real tale and epic allegory — a fantastic movie.

Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession Review

April 6, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

The film does highlight some great obscure films I still haven’t seen but surprising shows no footage whatsoever from the Z channel itself. Long and talky Z Channel is a great place to find some obscure films it just isn’t that great a story.