K-12 Review

September 8, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

Melanie Martinez vs. Rabbit of Caerbannog K-12 (2019): 8 out of 10: First a disclaimer I like to go into movies blind but I may […]

Arctic Review

August 27, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

Frozen Stiff  Arctic (2018): 5 out of 10: A well-acted movie about one man’s struggle after a plane crash in the Arctic. The Good The […]

Amadeus Review

August 21, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

Rock me Salieri Amadeus: 7 out of 10: A brilliantly filmed fictional account of the rivalry between Antonio Salieri (Well deserved Oscar winner F. Murray […]

The Silence of the Lambs Review

May 12, 2019 Julian Kennedy 1

I know since it won a bunch of Oscars people like to call it a thriller but one character eats people, and another skins them alive and wears their skin as an outfit. I am going to go with a horror film for this one.

Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession Review

April 6, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

The film does highlight some great obscure films I still haven’t seen but surprising shows no footage whatsoever from the Z channel itself. Long and talky Z Channel is a great place to find some obscure films it just isn’t that great a story.