A Soulful Soirée. A Half Sister, Full Love (2015) Review

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Surprisingly, Half Sister, Full Love is not a Pornhub category.

Half Sister, Full Love (2015): 7 out of 10: originally titled “Et ta soeur,” is a French drama-comedy film that explores the complexities of relationships and the intricacies of family dynamics. Directed by Marion Vernoux, the film revolves around Pierrick (Grégoire Ludig), a young man grieving the recent loss of his brother.

Seeking solace and a break from his everyday life, Pierrick accepts an invitation from his friend, Tessa (Géraldine Nakache), to stay at her family’s seaside retreat. Upon arrival, he is surprised to find that Tessa’s estranged half sister, Marie (Virginie Efira), is also staying there. Marie, a reserved and introverted woman, is reeling from the recent end of a long-term relationship.

As the three characters are brought together by fate, they are forced to confront their emotional baggage and navigate their tangled feelings for one another. Over the course of their stay, they form an unconventional bond that challenges their preconceived notions about love, family, and friendship.

Half Sister Full Love (2015) is a poignant and heartfelt exploration of human connection, vulnerability, and the healing power of companionship. With a blend of humor and drama, the film delves into the intricate dance of relationships and expectations.

The Good

The Good: Even though I’m reading subtitles and not quite understanding all the French, Half Sister, Full Love contains genuine conversations done in a way that real people would have actual conversations. I’m so used to American movies that are written and rewritten to the lowest denominator, then hand it off to some comedian to punch up the script so there’s an extra little joke every 12 seconds. Add in the director and editor with ADHD who are afraid to stay on the same subject, let alone shot for more than a minute and you have the modern American film-going experience

Throughout Half Sister, Full Love, as is my habit with French films, I wonder to myself how the inevitable American remake will go. Americans could never make a talky drama/comedy like this. They will probably introduce space lasers, gender politics, and make one sister black. Well egg on my face. Et ta soeu is a remake of the American film Your Sister’s Sister (2011) with Emily Blunt. The real world is much stranger than the little scripts that sometimes run in my head. Though it amazes me that the French are remaking American relationship dramas. What is next? A Japanese version of the Transformer movies?

Oh God, I’m getting old. I’m watching French films for the conversation rather than the tits. (Okay, maybe mature rather than old) 

The background music is unobtrusive and pleasant. Though the appeal of old French pop tunes from Boby Lapointe is lost on me.

Half Sister, Full Love does both the drunken jerk and the girl trying to fix the drunken jerk really well. This is all before the opening credits. I also like the storm both as a metaphor and a plot device. Half Sister, Full Love is a very well written movie, so a great use of metaphor shouldn’t surprise me. 

The Bad

If I was Grégoire Ludig I would either have had a ménage a trois or run. There are no other options. Anything else ends with a Murder, She Wrote episode. Sex or stabbing could have gone either way.

Half Sister, Full Love has a surprising lack of nudity for a R rated French film, especially considering the subject and actions on screen. One might expect a level of nudity above an episode of NYPD Blue in a film titled Half Sister, Full Love. Hell, one might expect an unrated version.

The Ugly

The Ugly: I can see why the French are so against raising the retirement age, none of them bloody work. Seriously, retire from what? Drinking wine in coffee shops?

One thing that incels in particular never figured out is that much of life is about timing. Sometimes timing benefits you. Sometimes it doesn’t. Occasionally you will come across a gorgeous blonde who is familiar enough with you to be comfortable and just recently separated after a seven-year relationship and is drinking vodka in a secluded cabin on an island. Does it happen often? No. But it happens.

I’ll never understand the fluorescent lights everywhere. Japan and Asia do this too. What’s with all the fluorescent lights? Why would you have fluorescent lights in the bedroom even if it is a spare?

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Half Sister, Full Love is a pleasant film. It is a stagy talky film with three characters. But the conversations feel real and are often funny. There is a lot of the meta commentary that is funny as well. (Everything has to be organic, fat free etc but they all smoke like chimneys and drink like fish.) I am often not in favor of films that are basically plays, but I like this one. It felt like real people and the situation, while a little out there and dramatic, certainly rang true.

French country is so peaceful. It really is beautiful and there’re no predators outside the occasional German invasion.  
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