Abbey Grace (2016) Review

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Grace, who haunted my thoughts when I couldn’t dream.

Abbey Grace (2016): 5 out of 10: After her mom dies, Grace returns home to take care of her OCD brother who has not left the house in the last twenty years. Turns out there is a haunting in the house as well for Grace to deal with. Can Grace, with the help of her sexy therapist friend, defeat the haunting and cure her brother from the ghosts of the past and the present.

The Good

The Good: Abbey Grace is almost the perfect independent horror film. It does very little wrong. It has solid actors in the lead and good supporting actors as well (With one notable exception seen below in screenshots). The script does not write checks the director or budget can’t cash. The movie has some decent twists and a decent story. It is a pleasant time.

The Bad

The Bad: The qualities listed in “The Good” above are honestly some of the issues with the Abbey Grace. This is almost a family friendly horror film. Abbey Grace (the film not the character) never goes crazy. It doesn’t do anything memorable. If you told me this was a Christian horror film, I would be inclined to believe you despite the lack of proselytizing and Kevin Sorbo as the handyman. It just has that feel.

Random Notes

Random Notes: Despite solid performances from Debbie Sheridan and Jacob Hobbs as our sister and brother leads respectfully, the dog steals every scene he is in. And he is in most of them.

Amber Gallaway is fine as the sexy therapist friend. But if you are going to introduce a sexy therapist friend… look, I am not saying you have to have a shower scene or a lesbian encounter with Debbie Sheridan (Yes; you are). But she is all tease in a film that could have used… well, a shower scene or a lesbian encounter with Debbie Sheridan.

The movie threatens to be a Japanese horror film for a good solid minute, only to never bring that up again. A nation is grateful.

The movie has one minority character who appears in one scene. Goes to investigate the noise coming from the murder shed and mysteriously is absent from the rest of the film. (Okay, not mysteriously).

In Conclusion

In Conclusion: Abby Grace is a perfectly fine film with decent performances and production. It has little to deride but alas little to recommend either. I am glad I watched it, but I would not see myself watching it again or going out of my way to recommend to a friend. A solid average family friendly horror film.


Can one bad performance that is less than a minute ruin a film? Probably not. But this Alison Niermann
scream is just awful.
Debbie Sheridan communicates to her brother Jacob Hobbs exactly how she feels about his OCD and other issues.
Ummm, the Cujo tryouts are next door, sir.
So a Japanese Ghost story shows up randomly in the film. It doesn’t stay long, but it is a bit jarring. Nothing more frightening than believing the perfectly normal movie you are watching is going to turn into a Japanese ghost story.
Oh no. I have that blanket, and I have had that couch. My home decorating style is apparently banal horror film.
This scene between Debbie Sheridan and her friend Amber Gallaway is not as exciting as it appears
I have a feeling Amber’s sexy therapy is wasted on Jacob.
White people’s breakdancing is never a good look.
This scene between Jacob Hobbs and his therapist Amber Gallaway is not as exciting as it appears
Some of the flashbacks are in color and some from the same time period are in black and white. I have no idea why.
Kudos to the film for actually going here.
Of course, the films “going there” efforts are not always successful.
Tell me you are possessed by a Japanese ghost girl without telling me you are possessed by a Japanese ghost girl.
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