Abigail’s Party (1977) Review

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Misery loves company and your invited.

Abigail’s Party (1977): 2 out of 10. Abigail’s Party is a poorly lit (especially first half) stagy TV show (basically a filmed play from the series Play for Today.) Highly regarded by some critics, but at close to two hours with five very unpleasant people, it hardly ranks as entertainment.

The main character Beverly reminds one of Peg from Married with Children but with no Al to provide the counter pointing laughs, she remains strangely unchallenged throughout. In fact, the description of Abigail’s Party as a comedy is a bit of a puzzle as this is drama writ large. A true character exercise only a stage actor could love.

While insightful into the desperation of some of the middle class of England, countless movies and shows have exposed middle-class foibles with better results. Even a half-hour sitcom like “Keeping Up Appearances” covers the same ground more completely and with many more laughs.

Truth be told, these people would be miserable no matter what class they were in and, like a trapped guest, I was looking to leave Abigail’s Party as soon as I could.

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