Alien Outlaw (1985) Review

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Alien Outlaw isn’t painful to watch

Alien Outlaw (1985): 4 out of 10: A whipless Lash La Rue and a girl without pants take on some aliens who like to do their killing offscreen as God intended. Also, if you want to know the ins and outs of amateur shooting competitions well theoretically, you might get some information as well.

Writer/Director Phil Smoot in a blaze of creativity wrote and directed his only two films in 1985; The Dark Power and Alien Outlaw. Both starred an old western star and denture aficionado Lash La Rue and both were awful and strangely watchable.

Alien Outlaw sports some decent aliens, a decent lead actress that does not wear pants (Kari Anderson in her only role), Some other attractive females that would never act again, and occasional comic relief that is done on purpose.

The film’s main plot is Kari Anderson’s attempt to get Diamond Talent to represent her trick gun show. She also needs to fire her old manager who was either the guy killed in the opening scene or the hairy guy who never leaves his hotel bed. I was honestly unclear on this. Some aliens show up after about half an hour but they have limited influence on whether she would get Diamond to represent her and move to the big time.

Alien Outlaw misses the mark on the whole Aliens attacking people angle but the amateur actors are sometimes decent and the scenery is nice and while I wouldn’t recommend it, Alien Outlaw isn’t painful to watch.

RiffTrax Version

RiffTrax Version: 8 out of 10: Not their best work ever, but they almost have too much on their plate. Definitely, the preferred way to watch this film Mike and the boys make this already watchable film breezy fun.

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