Arachnid (2001) Review

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Arachnid (2001): 7 of 10: Maybe it’s the puppets I liked. It’s nice to see a movie made in the 21st century that doesn’t use horrible shiny CGI for its creatures. (It uses horrible shiny CGI for its alien spaceships however.)Arachnid is all the better for its retro monster.

This is a true six-pack toke ’em if you got them B movie. A European production with decent location shooting, an international cast (half horrible and unintelligibly dubbed), and a real B movie budget unlike those $10 Z movie digital camcorder pretenders.

It’s all of course predictable. (If you can’t figure out two of the survivors at the end turn in your monster movie-watching card now.)And despite a lot of fodder (always a good sign) to many deaths seem off-screen or at least over a little quickly. The movie also could have used some gratuitous nudity (If young thing Alex Reid wasn’t willing at least allow Spanish star Neus Asensi to release those puppies as she has done in the past.)

Those quibbles aside I couldn’t help but cheer when the puppeteers took the Volkswagen sized spider out for the spin in the second half of Arachnid. Your enjoyment may depend on what you consumed during the first half.

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