Art of Balance (2016) Review

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Balanced Gameplay

Art of Balance (2016): 5 out of 10: Art of Balance is a game where you but blocks on top of each other in ever increasing difficult scenarios.

The Good

The Good: Art of Balance is like a reverse Jenga. You pile wooden blocks on top of each other. The game mixes it up a bit with blocks that cannot have too many other blocks on top of them, a time limit, and various shapes to the blocks. But the gameplay is still stacking beautifully rendered blocks on top of each other without them falling.

The Art of Balance is an absolutely gorgeous game that also boasts an excellent, serene soundtrack.

Art of Balance is a secretly great party game. The gameplay could not be simpler and the fail state is quite obvious. This kind of game works brilliantly with friends that otherwise do not play video games.

The Bad

The Bad: In reality, the Art of Balance’s gameplay is something you would buy your three-year-old niece. I mean, it is pilling wooden blocks on top of each other till the impromptu tower falls. A one-trick pony and the trick is stolen from a toddler’s toy box.

The Ugly

The Ugly: There is nothing ugly about Art of Balance.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion: Art of Balance is a one-trick pony that does its trick about as well as anyone could ever expect. Beautiful presentation aside, it is a little boring (okay zen) and frustrating by yourself, but really shines as a couch co-op party game.

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