At Your Fingertips: Grasses (1970) Review

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Watching Grass Grow

At Your Fingertips: Grasses (1970) 2 out of 10; At Your Fingertips: Grasses is crafting propaganda from some “educator” trying to convince schoolchildren to use grasses to make crafts. The film seems aimed at late elementary school kids, but the behaviors and results are more in the late toddler age group.

I know it was the early seventies before video games where kids had to make do with found objects, but still. I appreciate the emphasises on using your imagination but alas At Your Fingertips: Grasses seems to be more a propaganda piece for some of the lamest craft projects this side of figurines made of dryer lint. (And yes, that is a real thing. You can Google it. No, I am not giving you the link)


RiffTrax; 9 out of 10: The boys hit this one out of the park. Everyone remembers Bill Corbett’s lament “Well is corn, grass?” Caused due to an unanswered question in the documentary. Hell, he even has a Tumblr post about it ( But for my money, Mike’s “What fresh hell is this” got the biggest out loud guffaw as he observed an empty egg carton being brought into the mix. Anyone with kids knows that empty egg cartons (And milk jugs) are where crafting projects and your Saturday afternoon go to die.

From top notch commentary regarding the schizophrenic background music to the perception of the pointlessness and out-and-out weirdness of the proceedings Our boys are really hitting on all cylinders here. There are a lot of laughs for such a short and bluntly dull film. Really good job guys.

In all fairness to the grass crafting community, in Cave Dwellers (Ator 2: L’invincibile Orion) Ator did make a hand glider out of grasses to defeat the baddie, so there is that.

Unsurprisingly a lot of the shots in At Your Fingertips: Grasses are of well grasses.
Bill Murray prepares the C-4 in his pursuit of the gopher.
Well, that is Mother’s Day all set.
I would say this is cultural appropriation but I cannot imagine any culture fessing up to this.
Lucha libre with grasses.
No, this in not an outtake from Midsommar
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