Being of Service: A Stoic Challenge.

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Happy Birthday Sherrie

Before I get to the New Year, New You challenge (Number #20 which means I think there is only one more. Probably a good thing, since this actually ended a few weeks ago.) I want to wish my late wife a happy birthday. That is her up above (and below). She was wonderful and died way too young last year. I have been on a journey since trying to find my happiness. I have not yet accomplished that. But she wanted me to be happy and okay. A dying wish, if you will. So if I do not seek happiness for myself, the least I can do is seek it to fulfill her wishes.

Which segues into our challenge today?

We are all connected to each other, and to help others is to help ourselves. We are obligated to serve and to be of service. So your challenge today is to make a commitment to be of service by setting a service goal for 2022.

And yay, we have this one down. One of the few things on my to do list i did not procrastinate on was doing some service work. This required me getting up (or staying up in a few cases) till 6:15 AM and going to downtown to help some people out. I have done this most mornings this week. So check that one off the list and if I don’t mind, one more birthday photo of Sherrie.

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