Deep Freeze (2001) Review Ice Ice Baby

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Full fathom five thy father lies

Deep Freeze (Ice Crawlers) (2001): 7 out of 10: The first time I watched this film, I didn’t like it. I know this because I had placed a three out of ten score on my IMDb page. Rewatching Deep Freeze, I am at a loss why I was so harsh. It is a monster film that is clearly in the Alien family. The movie takes itself seriously. Which makes it all the more fun to watch.

The Good

The Good: The movie’s monster, a trilobite, is a refreshing and unexpected departure from the typical movie monsters we’ve grown accustomed to. This prehistoric creature, despite its small size and seemingly harmless appearance, proves to be a formidable antagonist, racking up a considerable body count and keeping the action high throughout the film. There is plenty of cannon fodder and almost all of it gets foddered

Deep Freeze’s setting is an absolute standout. The remote drilling site in Antarctica provides a perfect backdrop for the monstrous mayhem that ensues. The film’s production team deserves credit for creating an authentic and eerie atmosphere on a budget.

The Bad

This being a 2001 movie, the bogeyman is the ozone layer rather than the more obvious global warming. Now I understand An Inconvenient Truth was still five years away, but the ozone layer still seems dated for a 2001 movie.

I love the fact that the movie takes itself seriously. The plot where a professor is looking to bring his charges on this adventure so they can be fall guys when the entire thing goes kaboom covering up the professors errors (While he and the hot girl escape with thier scientific find) is an excellent plot.

Figuring out that is the plot may take a couple of viewings, however. The dialogue is poorly written and while I usually complain, films like this spell everything out too easily. The opposite effect is in play here.

The Ugly

The Ugly: Munson’s (Norman Cole) body hair (see above) is really a phenomenon. I don’t even have words. I swear it’s the scariest thing in the movie by far. It will haunt your nightmares and the nightmares of your unborn children.

In Conclusion

In conclusion: Deep Freeze is one of those B-movie gems that, while not perfect, offers a surprisingly entertaining experience. The film boasts monsters, engaging kills, a touch of nudity, and even a woman taking a bath in a hilariously oversized tub in the middle of Antarctica. It’s an icy delight for fans of the genre.

I like big bugs. I cannot lie.
You other scientists can’t deny.
That when a bug walks in with an itty bitty thorax
And a round thing in your face, you get sprung
Haters gotta hate but I still say this is the best sex scene in the Deep Freeze.
Say hello to my little friend.
Deep Freeze is not an alien abduction or ghost possession movie. So I am not quite sure I can place her expression.
Discount L.L. Cool J. Which seems fair since Deep Freeze is a discount Deep Blue Sea.
Not since Geralt of Rivia took a bath in Witcher 3 have I been so aroused by feet protruding from a bathtub.
Always check under the bed for your dead girlfriend is the kind of advice that makes university go so much smoother.
Not for nothing, this is a really good set.
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