Dog Dayz (2016) Review

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From Wake to Bored.

Dog Dayz (2016): 5 out of 10: Dog Dayz is a documentary on wakeboarding that both delights and disappoints. Directed with an eye for aesthetic pleasure, the film is filled with beautiful shots of stunning landscapes and an energizing soundtrack to boot. However, my excitement begins to wane as I quickly realized after fifteen minutes that wakeboarding is the sole focus, with nearly an hour of runtime left to slog through.

In terms of innovation, Dog Dayz offers some novelty. The film showcases a creative set-up in which wake boarders are pulled by cranes rather than motorboats, allowing for impressive tricks on ramps placed within a lake. It’s an intriguing concept that momentarily reinvigorates the viewer’s interest.

The documentary touches on different aspects of the sport, even including some insights from a snowboarder who enjoys wakeboarding during the off-season. It’s a nice touch that attempts to add a bit of diversity to the film’s subject.

Dog Dayz also acknowledges the presence of women and wake skaters in the sport, providing a nod to inclusivity. However, this is not enough to salvage the film from becoming monotonous. The excitement is ultimately short-lived as the endless wakeboarding scenes begin to feel repetitive.

Moreover, the film’s musical triumphs do not last throughout its entirety. The latter part of the documentary features a few jarring tracks that detract from the overall experience, making it even more difficult to stay engaged.

In Conclusion

While Dog Dayz starts strong with its visuals and soundtrack, it cannot maintain the momentum throughout its runtime. The film could have benefited from a more varied approach, perhaps with a touch of drama or tension to keep viewers hooked. As it stands, Dog Dayz is a beautifully shot yet ultimately tedious affair that struggles to hold one’s attention for its entire duration.

If you are a serious wakeboarding fan, Dog Dayz does what is says on the tin. And it does it with great visuals and tunes. For everyone else, a little goes a long way.

Puppy!!! This screenshot is from the opening credits, which are very well done. So kudos for that.
Ummm Puppy!!!! This Dog Dayz screenshot is like a Kid Rock song in picture form.
Fishy??? Our only female wakeboarder, Melissa Marquardt mixing things up.
Not the shot one would expect to end a wakeboarding sports film review with.
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