Double Causes Trouble (Shen Yong Shuang Mei Mai) (1989) Review

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Surprising fun breezy romp

Double Causes Trouble (Shen Yong Shuang Mei Mai) (1989); 7 out of 10: Late Eighties Hong Kong comedy with broad slapstick comedy, some deft performances, and a few action scenes. The basic plot is two single female cousins, who hate each other, inherit their late grandmother’s apartment with the stipulation that they have to live together in the apartment for one year or they lose the inheritance.

The apartment comes with a handsome male boarder whom the cousins immediately fight over but alas he is not whom he seems to be.

The Good

The Good: If Double Causes Trouble has one thing going for it, it is forward momentum. Like a combination of Airplane and Benny Hill if one doesn’t like a setup payoff or particular set of characters just wait a minute and a new scene or a twist will be upon you. The comedy is more smirk than laugh out laugh funny but there is an awful lot of it. It also goes places one would not expect, and that level of surprise is one of the delights of the film.

The acting (and overacting) helps keep things breezy with the leads Carol ‘Do Do’ Cheng and Maggie Cheung being particular standouts. The supporting cast fits their roles well and all look like broad characterization they are supposed to play so kudos to the casting department.

The Bad

The Bad: This being a Shaw Brothers film one might expect some martial arts action. The martial arts action alas is awful with some of the least convincing stunt doubles this side of Kirk fighting a Gorn.

The Ugly

The Ugly: Those that hate subtitles and those that are “woke” are going to join forces on disliking this film. Whether it is the comical date rapist, the homosexual hitman and hit-woman, or the transsexual stinger joke, this might not be a crowd pleaser for those that are uptight or sensitive about such things.

The film’s description of women on the prowl for a husband will also raise some recently plucked eyebrows. Double Causes Trouble of course is a film made at a completely different time (The eighties) and a completely different culture (Hong Kong). Its complete disregard of such concerns makes the film a bit of a guilty pleasure in this day and age.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion: Overall Double Causes Trouble is a surprisingly fun breezy romp that is an antidote for the more serious fare.


Double Causes Trouble has a nice quality trailer that gives a hint to the silliness within.


A lot more bondage than one might expect, plus some gunplay and a chainsaw. Double Causes Trouble’s lead actresses Carol ‘Do Do’ Cheng and Maggie Cheung get of course plenty of call outs. There is also an attractive police woman/ bad guy henchwoman whose name I could not figure out featured below in a couple of shots.

Even in context, that is an expression for the ages.
This is not a position you want to find yourself in.
Are they giving flowers to each other? I wouldn’t put it past this Double Causes Trouble.
You know I have the same painting on my wall.
Scarface with a tomato soup can.
Cram school for tea serving is a lot sexier than I remember.
It’s the roller skates on the guy on the left that makes the scene.
Hello Nurse. (The reboot of Animaniacs sadly retired the Hello Nurse gag. Boo.)
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
This is the funniest scene in the move. Notice the cleaver in the door.
Denver is really hurting at tight end this year
Our Mystery girl.
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