DP7 #3 Review

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DP7 #3 (1986): 4 out of 10: Our heroes are still on the run from the “evil” institute. Can they make it to the safety of a doublewide trailer before being captured by fellow mutants hunting them? (Yes, this is the same synopsis as I had for DP7 #2. Which bluntly is one of the problems with this issue.)

The Good

The Good: We get more character building? There is a car chase right out of The Blues Brothers? Mother of three Stephanie Harrington continues her obsession with grabbing men’s forearms erotically? Friction changes from lingerie to a man’s dress shirt with no pants? I am spit balling here people.

The Bad

The Bad: Our charismatic black hole lead (Dr. Randy O’Brien) calls the state troopers to investigate the attack by the quasi-governmental clinic with tranquilizer rifles. This goes about as bad as one would expect. (The hoary they were right here where we tied up thier unconscious bodies trope is dragged out.). Actually ist does not go nearly as bad as one might expect. If you recall the good doctor and his cohorts recently hijacked a bus full of people and assaulted an entire McDonalds, all while using superpowers.

In fact, anyone who has gotten suspended in Middle School for beating up a bully can attest people in authority don’t really care who was right as much as who threw the punch. Honestly, the comic never recovers from this mind-blowingly stupid opening. I understand in fiction it is perfectly reasonable to have your protagonists make mistakes or be an idiot even (See Ned Stark) but there is a bit of a tightrope to walk and DP7 falls right off it.

The Ugly

The Ugly: DP7 wants married with three kids, Stephanie Harrington, to be available for romantic liaisons with her fellow mutants. So in the best romantic comedy tradition, we need to make her husband a monster. (Woman get the boyfriend, finance, husband is a monster route. Men tend to get the tragic widow route.). So we get to meet Chuck, who belittles his wife while dropping a dime on her. (Oh and she farmed of their kids to in-laws.) Apparently, Chuck later gets AIDS in the series, which based on his T-shirt and mustache should surprise absolutely no one.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion: The problem with DP7 is not necessarily the stupid uncharismatic lead or the tired tropes. The problem is that it really isn’t bringing anything positive to the table to balance it out. It also seems a very old-fashioned comic. For a supposed new universe (Literally called New Universe) the comic, storytelling and art style seem stuck in the previous decade. (Compare to X-Factor that came out the same year)

The Cover

DP7 #3 (1986) cover: 5 out of 10: Overall not an inadequate cover. It shows some action that is properly related to the actual contents. Has three of its superheroes using their powers. And creates the question of what will happen next. Not a keeper for my collection, but good for what it is.

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