Fertile Fangs: Complete Collection (Five Book Bundle) By Kaitlyn Fox (2017)

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Pointy Teethed Incel.

Fertile Fangs: Complete Collection by Kaitlyn Fox (2017): 4 out of 10: is a dark, tantalizing journey of seduction, power, and the supernatural. This five-book bundle chronicles the transformation of Brad, an incel, into a unique and powerful vampire who is still acting like Brad for some reason.

“Fertile Fangs 1: Seeding the Sorority” starts Brad’s supernatural journey. Unexpectedly turned into a vampire, Brad discovers his rare ability that sets him apart from his kind. He uses his powers to captivate a sorority, creating a legion of loyal, attractive servants whom are never mentioned again.

In “Fertile Fangs 2: Dark Intention”, Brad’s power grows, and with it, his insatiable desires. His influence expands, and his reign over his army of females is solidified as his dark intentions come to fruition.

“Fertile Fangs 3: Alpha Master” sees Brad ascend to the position of an alpha master, wielding unparalleled power in the vampire world. As his abilities reach unseen heights, his harem of devoted women grows and deepens in loyalty.

“Fangs 4: Claiming the Clan” follows Brad as he uses his unique vampiric abilities to dominate and claim a vampire clan, amplifying his influence in the dark world of the undead and his harem of female servants.

Finally, in the exclusive fifth volume, “Fertile Fangs 5: Fang Finality,” Brad’s journey reaches a climactic conclusion. His powers reach an apex, his rule is undisputed, and his harem of devoted followers reaches an unprecedented scale.

Through the pages of the Fertile Fangs collection, readers are taken on a very quick exploration of power, desire, and the supernatural world of vampires. The narrative is filled with Incel whining, paper thin characters, and an alpha male protagonist who needs to die yesterday.

The Good

The Good: Well the fifth book has some nice twists to it. And there is some good Vampire Council yacking which I always like. In reality it is hard to go wrong with me with a vampire harem book and yet I still think I am being very generous with a four out of ten.

I do want to give a positive call out to the theme of impregnating woman to create a vampire army. It comes to nothing but the protagonists obsession with impregnation and his magical ability to bring his victims to full term right away is nicely realized.

The Bad

The Bad: There is a lot here. Don’t let the boxed set five volumes fool you. The entire thing is barely a novella. Even the page count listed is misleading as the collection contains a surprisingly lengthy Doll Maker 1 story to promote another series. I am not sure if the fact that the first book of the Doll story is much better than the first book of Fertile Fangs is something that works in this collections favor or not.

I don’t mind brevity and a lack of detail in my stories. It is often the way I write. It helps move the story along. Create a page turner. But even page turners have to slow down every once in a while. Our “hero” has sex with dozens of woman over the first two days of the story and it is all a blur. He gains powers even faster than he gains lovers. Again it becomes meaningless quickly. The few times the book does pause such as when he seduces the Vampire that turned him or the climax in book five it can be very effective. These moments are however few and far between.

There are so many missed opportunities. There is a sequence where Incel vampire Brad and his team are taking a train. Our hero goes into a car filled with nuns (and only nuns) and proceeds to impregnate them all over a few paragraphs. How much more effective would it have been if he entered a regular passenger car and seduced the woman while killing and feeding of the men.

There is a lack of the things one can love in a vampire story. There is no vampires hunting innocent prey for feeding. In fact there is very little feeding at all. Everything is a bit of a blur.

The Ugly

The Ugly: I hate our protagonist Brad. He is an incel. And yes I am biased against incels from the get go. But even as a “bull” vampire he is an insufferable twit. Declaring yourself king of the vampires after two days is idiocy writ large no matter how powerful you are. He is the chosen one blah blah blah.

I am not saying all incels should die in a fire. But I am saying Brad should.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion: Despite one of the most insufferable protagonists I have experienced in a while I didn’t mind my time with Fertile Fangs. It was over pretty quick. And it did end well which always helps. There are a lot of books that are greatly helped by sticking the landing (Cough Ready Player One Cough).

Overall I don’t recommend Fertile Fangs. But with a more likable protagonist and better pacing there is a foundation for something entertaining.

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