Finding Dory (2016) Review

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Finding Dory (2016): 7 out of 10: Seriously, has there been a bad Pixar film? Some might not to be to all tastes (I am not the world’s biggest Toy Story fan, for example, but I admire the quality of the films.) For those rooting for this to be the time that Pixar goes to the well too often, prepare to be disappointed. This is actually a decent film. 

Good characters, check. Easter eggs, check. Nice visuals check.

Is it all that memorable? No. It will keep the kids entertained and adults will not suffer. While that may not be the measure of a great Pixar film, it is a measure of a good kids’ film.


It is a Pixar film so no surprise there are a lot of very pretty screenshots. Surprisingly, much of the film does take place in a desolate and dismal undersea wasteland.

In addition, the main character is not that visually appealing. That said plenty of delightful supporting characters and pretty scenery is still on tap.

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