Finding Nemo (2003) Review

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Here Fishy Fishy Fishy Fish

Finding Nemo (2003): 6 out of 10: As a kid’s movie, Finding Nemo is great. If your munchkins don’t already own a copy, have the toys or God forbid seen the ice show (there is something about fish on ice that’s a bit creepy. Funny but creepy.) Buy a copy you’ll get your moneys worth, as the little animatrons will undoubtedly view it endlessly.

But as an adult with no little minds of my own to feed the movie left me wanting. I’ve seen it before… about a hundred times before. Parent loses kid, kid loses dog, dog loses family, family loses toy, and so forth. Then the endless journey filled with danger, setbacks, and endless comic relief characters begins. Finding Nemo, at least narratively, brings nothing new to the party. 

That Pixar themselves are guilty of using this same plot in all their movies doesn’t help matters. (Pixar’s next feature The Incredibles would break this trend somewhat and is the most adult friendly toon of theirs to date) The simple fact is after being spoiled by Shrek (or even Ice Age) I like my kids films to be more accommodating to adults. 

Not that some things don’t work very well (Bruce the 12 step shark and the “mine, mine, mine,” seagulls are particularly effective). It’s just that the whole film had a cloying sentimentality I usually associate with NBC Olympic coverage or a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie about a Depression Christmas.

That said kids will love it. The animation is spectacular. And as these things go, it is very well done. Just not my cup of tea, I guess. I prefer my fish with a little more bite and lemon and butter.

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