Frankenstein Island (1981) Review

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It’s Frankensteen

Frankenstein Island (1981): 2 out of 10: I watched the RiffTrax version of this. It really didn’t help. This is awful. Awful. Yes, there are girls in leopard skin bikinis, one of the main characters sports an ascot and there is a disembodied Carradine head. It just doesn’t help. This is The Mysterious Island with a fifty dollar budget.

Or Teenage Zombies in color with a Frankenstein’s monster if Wikipedia is to be believed. The auteur of Teenage Zombies Jerry Warren is the producer, writer, director and editor of Frankenstein Island and his level of talent shines through every frame.  This is painful. Worth a glance if you are brave and have a book nearby to read during the slow bits and that is with the RiffTrax on. Hopeless movie without.

RiffTrax Version

RiffTrax Version: 5 out of 10: Don’t get me wrong the boys at RiffTrax get some good lines in and it is almost worth the watch just for that. But there are moments of soul draining boredom that the riffing cannot soothe. Not quite to the Hamlet or Red Zone Cuba levels but close. The irony is that the movie has a cast and a premise that could easily have been turned into watchable trash. It is just too incompetent for its own good.

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