“Free” games for December 2019 on Xbox One and Ps4

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Yes, I know these are not really free since you have to subscribe to the appropriate yearly pass. Okay, we got that disclaimer out of the way who won the month.

Our winner is Xbox by a country mile. Playstation has a strong game with Titanfall 2 but after all this time it sports a limited single player campaign and not much else. Jurassic World Evolution alone beats out both of PlayStation offerings, and Xbox 360 download Toy Story 3 is better than you think.

From Playstation Plus

Titanfall 2

Can we assume that even with a blip up for a couple weeks with the game being free and all Titanfall 2’s multiplayer is dead on arrival? I am assuming it has not already been shut down mind you. Probably should check on a thing like that before writing my blog post on the game.

That said, we have a well regarded but short single player campaign that you will play through once and probably never pick up again. This makes Titanfall 2 a very reasonable game for a freebie for a month, but we are hardly filling gaps in anyone’s game collection here.

Monster Energy Supercross 

You know, as motocross style racing games go Monster Energy Supercross is not all that bad. Sure the graphics look budget and the character creator only has Universal Monster faces as options (Seriously have you ever seen an uglier collection of mugs); but it has some decent racing, a rewind button, and a track editor. It isn’t the worst game Sony has given away for free.

From Games with Gold

Insane Robots

On paper Insane Robots seems to check a few of my favorite boxes. On paper. In reality, it looks a touch on both the indie side and the tedious side. I can’t imagine the player pool for this could be that large if it turns off even strategy guys like myself.

Jurassic World Evolution

Hey a business simulation game where you control an amusement park and have and get to set the employment levels and prices at the gift shop.. Okay I have to admit that can be a bit of my jam. This one looks nice since you get to drive jeeps and fly helicopters and it has actual actors in it such as Bryce Dallas Howard, the never aging BD Wong, and the also never aging Jeff Goldblum.

Oh yeah, and you collect DNA and research dinosaurs. Okay, confession time here this is one of my top games for 2018. It mixes my joy of micromanagement with my joy of accidentally leaving a cage door open and watching tourists getting eaten. It looks polished and fun with just the right amount of depth… and the right amount of death if I play my cards right.

Toy Story 3

I own Toy Story 3 The Game and it’s good. The review below doesn’t mention it but it has an excellent sandbox you can just fool around in like a kid with his toys. Toy Story 3 packs in lot more depth than one would expect and is a very polished game overall. I would at the very least take this one out for a spin.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD

Lackluster graphics (even for the time this is a handheld port), simplified combat, and a complicated fractured story do not bode well for Castlevania Lords of Shadow–Mirror of Fate. This 2.5 D platformer is for Castlevania completists only.

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