Games to Buy Week of April 2nd 2019

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Alright, a show of hands here. Who has bought a game last generation, never played it and then rebought the same game this generation. (cough Terraria cough)

I know I cannot be the only one. Buying the same game, each subsequent generation seems to have become a more common occurrence. Well, throw Borderlands on that pile of shame. I own it. It is backward compatible on my XboxOne is there a reason to upgrade?

Borderlands bluntly makes a less compelling case for its remaster than Assassin’s Creed III did last week. For one thing, Borderlands is cell shaded, so an increase in textures isn’t going to do much good. Borderlands looks a little sharper, and the shadows are better, but even the folks at Digital Foundry had issues finding much to praise, perhaps they were distracted by all the screen tearing because current generation consoles share the same CPU as my Hello Kitty smart toaster.

I should be thankful for Borderlands: Game Of The Year for a least one thing. If it weren’t for this remaster, I would not have a single game to put on this weeks list.

Oh, there were some close calls. FAR: Lone Sails looks interesting until you realize it is a four-hour indie game with almost no sound and an interpret your own ending. I also have nothing against a Final Fantasy Chinese knockoff like Sword & Fairy 6 in principle. But a Final Fantasy 13 knockoff is a bridge too far. The rest of the crowd seemed to be mobile ports and too cute by half platformers.

So I will put Borderlands: Game Of The Year edition on the back burner. Chances are I will eventually buy it… for the Platystation 5.

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