Games to Buy Week of February 4th, 2020

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Not a lot of games to recommend this week. We have a follow-up to the okay Zombie Army Trilogy and an arcade soccer game where you field a team of Pandas. I admit the Panda one is threating to rank higher just for the smiles. There was a lot of junk this week, things we have seen a thousand times in the last five years seemed to be a popular theme. (Oh, a metroidvania platformer… Ahh a retro top down RPG with 8 bit graphics.)

I would add to that above list “Well look a survival horror game with fog in the woods.” but Nerved is something special. Not since Square Enix’s The Quiet Man have I immediately gone onto Twitch to see a live stream because the game looks so hilariously awful. I am honestly curious which people find worse in Nerved is it the facial graphics or the voice acting? Please feel free to vote in the comments. Enjoy the video either way.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Zombie Army 4: Dead War continues the Zombie Army saga started in Zombie Army Trilogy, which itself is a spinoff of the Sniper Elite Series.

There are Nazi zombies and shark zombies and various boss characters that you have to kill through a linear third person action game designed for cooperative gameplay up to four people.

There is definitely a strong Left 4 Dead vibe to the proceedings along with a feeling of the 2016 Doom. The two handicaps that are apparent are that Zombie Army 4 is in third person in a genre where first person is more appreciated and the fact it is clearly a bit of a budget title.

Now being a budget title is hardly the kiss of death (from me at least). Zombie Army 4 just doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table (outside of zombie great white sharks I suppose). It looks like a good shooter in a universe where great shooters (like 2016’s Doom above) still go unplayed.


Sometimes you watch some game footage and you find yourself smiling. I was complaining above about how we have seen this before seems to becoming a disease in video game weekly releases. Then someone comes along and puts out an arcade soccer game starring pandas. What can I say I am intrigued and bemused.

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