Games to Buy Week of March 26th 2019

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A pretty busy week this week with a couple of high profile releases such as a new MLB the Show and Tropico and another Assassin’s Creed remaster.

There are also some strange offerings as well. For example, there is a horse racing simulator Pharlap – Horse Racing Challenge which begs the question has there ever been a good horse racing game that has not been complete rubbish. I can’t think of one.

Some near misses to the list both open world crafting games which have been sprouting up like weeds lately. Generation Zero is from one of my favorite developers Avalanche Studios and the concept post-apocalyptic mid-eighties Sweden sounds fun. The reviews, however, have been savage and it looks like the game is so half baked that few bug fixes won’t solve this.

Another title that sounded good on paper was Windscape a nice laid back crafting open world game but good lord the art style is a horrible turn off. Reports of wonky combat as well mean a disappointing pass.

So here are the games (except for free to play Path of Exile) I am adding to my ever-growing buy list in my ever expanding backlog. Of course, since I just met Triss in my second playthrough of Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition, it will be a while until I look for a new game to purchase

Assassin’s Creed III Remastered

This is a strange choice for me. Of all the main Assassin’s Creed games number 3 has the least appeal in terms of character and location. Conner seems like a wet blanket, and revolutionary America is filled with tiny short cities and lots of trees.

To make matters worse I already got this game for free In June 2017 with games with Gold and, as you can see, I haven’t exactly rushed to play it.

So why put it on the list? The graphics and mechanical upgrades seem nice, but I have an inkling I will be able to buy this one for less than the cost of the DLC on the original offering. It is the DLC with a crazy George Washington that honestly looks like fun and would be the reason to take this for a spin.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

This looks like fun if ugly JPRG. Full voice work is appealing as is the vast scope of the game. The PC version got fairly glowing reviews which appeal as well.

MLB The Show 19

Someday I am going to pick up Sony’s baseball game. I am not much of a sports gamer. I enjoy a Madden game about once a generation, and I have dabbled in soccer, hockey and baseball over the years. I have a feeling if I can get the controls down I would really enjoy this game. I just have to bite the bullet one year and try it out.

Nelke & The Legendary: Atleliers Of The New World

Sometimes a series gets on my to buy list and then comes out with another one which I also put on my list figuring if I wanted to buy the first one I should want to purchase the new and improved series. I have like six of these on my to buy list. This one is a city builder however different from the rest. Someday, like the baseball one above, I will try one.

Operencia: The Stolen Sun

Good reviews overall on Operencia. Not 100% convinced of either the graphics style nor the gameplay but willing to give it a spin if the opportunity presents itself.


No minimap, you must actually walk places now this is an open world I can embrace. I know you can turn off the minimap in many open world games but if the game isn’t designed from the ground up to allow you to play that way it can lead to frustration.

I already walk everywhere in most open world games (Or ride Roach which honestly I may as well walk). This, of course, makes me not just a better gamer than those who use fast travel but honestly makes me a better person. It is nice that this game embraces that.

Path Of Exile

Talk about late to the party. Okay, I have this free game downloaded on both the PS4 Pro and the XboxOne X. No this is not going to become my new profession/obsession. That would be Crusader Kings 2 again. However, the character creation tool with so many build options fills me with glee. Combine with Diablo 2 style gameplay, and one wonders what the catch is.

The Princess Guide

I confess this one is on the cusp. Will I like it despite some first impressions or will I finally learn my lesson about cutesy action RPGs. I am not a betting man, but I fear it will be the latter. This is going on the wait and see portion of the to buy backlog.

Seven: Enhanced Edition

Yet another Diablo style game. Tis the week for them I guess. The review above is a bit harsh on the game. I still like the cut of its jib, however. unlike Generation Zero I didn’t sense and real deal breakers more just a nitpick here and there. Still, like The Princess Guide above I am more keeping an eye on this one.

War Theatre 

Not married to the art style in War Theatre but the rock paper scissors strategy gameplay looks fun. Not a lot of these types of games coming out so always on the lookout for one that looks competent at the very least.

So more games for the backlog’s backlog this week with nary a must have among them. Path of Exile looks the most fun just in the build screen, and it is free to play. I may just hold out till the PlayStation Five before buying the baseball game. And of course, you don’t buy the first year of a new console so MLB the Show 22 here I come. Everything else seems fine, but in almost all cases I have a better game in my backlog that is unplayed.

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