Games to Buy Week of March 3rd, 2020

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Light week this week with two indie games and at the start of yet another 2d fighting series from Arc System Works. Light week aside I actually bought one of the games (Syrup And The Ultimate Sweet) in an attempt to get my wife (Who like me is sheltered in place for the foreseeable future due to coronavirus) to play videogames. See below for the exciting results.

60 Seconds! 

In 60 Seconds! you have (unsurprisingly) 60 seconds to grab what you can (Including family members) and get to the fallout shelter. Then you play a survival game where you have to survive with just what you were able to grab.

This seems like a lot of potential fun and it clearly has good replay value. Lots of possible scenarios are apparently present based on what and who you grab. Though presumably nobody shoots your wife and steals your infant son while you are in cryogenesis.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus

I have seen this movie before. New 2d anime fighting game with a limited roster. From Arc System Works no less? There will be at least a half dozen sequels remakes and reimaginings of this base game over the next five years.

While it looks fun with an RPG story mode and a simplified fighting style with one button cooldown meters. You may want to wait for Granblue Fantasy: Versus EX A Metro Aligned in 2024.

Syrup And The Ultimate Sweet

The history of me trying to get my wife into video games is a long one with many failures. The collectable toys of Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions are placed as the tschokies they are throughout the house but the games alas are not played anymore. (She got stuck in the haunted house find three ghosts level in Disney Infinity and never looked back; Her co-op partner in Lego Dimensions yelled orders at her so she never went back to that game either.)

In addition, many a dinner party has been entertained with the tale of how her husband once bought her a game where the goal was to have sex with a pigeon.

Hope springs eternal however because we have had one success. Mrs. Cinematic Diversions loved The Wolf Among Us by Telltale games. What she liked was the choose your own adventure style story bits. She was less impressed with the quick time events.

Syrup And The Ultimate Sweet is a visual novel with a very cute premise (Candy golem comes to life and tries to get science loving and magic hating candymaker to either befriend her or eat her or both). Syrup And The Ultimate Sweet also has a pleasant and colorful visual style and plenty of dialogue choices. While it does border on Hatoful Boyfriend weirdness with the naked girl asking every one she meets to eat her, this candy cannibalism aside the story seems to avoid beastiality (there is a catgirl so who knows). And with no button pushing outside of dialogue choices this seems comfortably in my wife’s lane.

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[…] have been on the lookout for games my non-gaming wife could play while under quarantine. Last week we picked up Syrup And The Ultimate Sweet. I picked up Hidden Through Time this week for her. Like last week’s game, simple controls and […]