Games to Buy Week of November 19th, 2019

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Kind of a light week this week with our Game of the Week (Civilization VI ) a game I already own on PC. Outside of that we have Shenmue III which I would be more excited about if it wasn’t a sequel to Shenmue and Shenmue II. An X-COM style game based on a Netflix series. A farming simulator where you can date, marry and impregnate your farm hands presumably in that order and two pretty games are on the list because they are pretty.

Civilization VI 

Honestly, I hem and hawed about putting this on my list then I realised I could leave it playing in the background as I worked on my PC and suddenly it clicked.

I have grown to like this iteration of Civilization the best. A warning though, you really need at least the Rise and Fall expansion to make it a proper Civilization game so keep that in mind when budgeting a purchase.

Narcos: Rise Of The Cartel

I have to admit if I was to pick a Netflix original series to get a video game adaptation Narcos would not have even been on my radar. I would have expected The Crown kart racer before this.

As licensed games goes this is about par for the course. It is a poor man’s X-COM with overwhelming numbers making up for spotty AI. On the other hand it is still more X-COM style goodness if not as well done. In addition, the graphics and style make it look like a nice change of pace from space aliens.

Farmer’s Dynasty 

Honestly, if this game didn’t have a bizarre dating simulator glommed onto it I am not sure it would have made the list. This has a nice premise where you inherit a run-down farm and make a go of it. Part of me finds these games relaxing, and it’s nice to see all your hard work payoff.

Another part of me wonders if I would be better off spending that forty hours in my actual garden and getting that into tip-top shape. After all, I cannot go into outer space and kill space aliens but I can fix things around the house and work on my own lawn.

One thing I cannot do however is seduce household staff with boxes of chocolates. (My wife has these rules you see.) So this introduces a fantasy element into our farming simulator. I mean it looks awful as one of the video below will show but I figure I will put on a little Spinal Tap and take it for a spin.

Shenmue III 

What do you think of when you think turn of the century? Do you think of gas-lit streets and horse-drawn carriages? Or do you think of Shenmue? Because Shenmue is a game from the turn of the century.

I have a secret. A secret shared by many other people. Shenmue and Shenmue II were not very good games. Now put the pitchforks down… for their time they are good games. And they are innovative after all we probably wouldn’t have quick time events if not for Shenmue.

Okay, I will have to stop my review as an angry mob has appeared at my door. Hold on they dissipated because someone thought they saw a sailor. Whew. Anyway, the latest Shenmue game is a lot like the first two. Apparently on purpose. If you’re a fan giddy-up. I still have a half a dozen Yakuza games to get through first which to be honest is Shenmue done right. Oh God, the mob is back quick someone throw some books on the floor to slow them down.


Underwater diving is an excellent place to have some survival horror. As someone who has dived in wrecks and at night it really is truly terrifying. While survival horror is not always my cup of tea, this game also looks beautiful which helps.

Lost Ember

Magic wolf investigates lost Incan city in this walking simulator. Oh, and the wolf can possess other animals. Normally this kind of walking simulator gets a pass from me but the wolf is cute and the scenery is gorgeous.

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