Games to Buy Week of November 5th, 2019

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Well if you told me this week’s game of the week would be a harem game where you try to impregnate teenage girls for your child army I would of either thought you mad or assumed I had really misread those Death Stranding trailers.

Honestly, Death Stranding could have used a dating simulator. I mean you could throw I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) on the soundtrack and give you a reason to trek along a wasteland. Speaking of while I am unclear on the cataclysm that affected the United States in Death Standing why are there no roads again?

Conception Plus: Maidens Of The Twelve Stars

Oh God If I download this game I am going to be put on a list aren’t I? Anyway, you have a harem of 12 teenage girls whom you have to impregnate to create star children who then you use to fight in dungeons… Yup definitely going on a list.

Blacksad: Under The Skin

Troublesome quick time events and some poor voice acting possibly mar this otherwise fun adventure game that scratches that Wolf Among Us itch.

Death Stranding

Hey, it is a video game version of that Kevin Costner film The Postman… Okay… A game about walking and also walking very slowly. It’s not the Hideo Kojima weirdness that makes me hesitant to play this. I loved Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for example. It is that the core gameplay looks awful. It is a walking/ sneaking simulator where you have to traverse the entirety of the United States. That does not appear to be all that fun. There are plenty of mellow games (Including walking simulators) that seem less tedious and more relaxing.

Need For Speed Heat 

Need for Speed is the safest most boring bet on this list. I am disappointed by the lack of horribly acted and cringy cutscenes like we saw in Need for Speed Payback. That kind of “Hey Kids” camp is worth its weight in gold. Don’t worry they call money “Bank” in this game so I am sure some cringe is still built into the DNA.

Sturmwind EX 

Nice looking and colorful side-scrolling shooter that looked good on its Dreamcast debut and looks fantastic here.


Hey, its a side-scrolling platformer shooter with a heavy metal soundtrack. But it is a good retro side-scrolling platformer shooter with a heavy metal soundtrack. Nothing wrong with just having a little fun.

Wizards Of Brandel

Old fashioned JPRG that looks as if it is using an older RPG Maker but from what I have seen it looks creative with a good sense of humor. It’s no Disco Elysium however. In addition, the overworld map will give you Commodore 64 flashbacks

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