GoldenEye (1995) Review

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The one where he drives the tank.

GoldenEye (1995): 8 out of 10: Pierce Brosnan takes over as Bond in the superspy’s first post-cold war outing as he takes revenge for the death of Sean Bean by driving a tank through King’s Landing.

The Good

The Good: There are some things that GoldenEye does better than most Bond outings.

  1. First off, are the Bond girls: Izabella Scorupco is perfect as the Damsel in Distress/ Girl next door love interest while Famke Janssen isn’t just one of the best femme fatales in the Bond series she is easily one of the best henchmen (henchwoman?).
  2. The stunts and action beats are downright excellent all across the board. For a rather long film, it doesn’t feel it with a good pace that takes a breather every once in a while.
  3. Also, Pierce Brosnan is a breath of fresh air in the role and acts as if he had been playing it for years.

The Bad

The Bad: There are also some Bond tropes that are particularly painful in this one.

  1. Whoever wrote Bonds one-liners in this film needs to be shaken as well as stirred. The snarky quotes manage to both take one out of the scene and appear desperate.
  2. Look I know that “I don’t want you to talk Mr. Bond I want you to die” is clearly a lie in these films as no one seems willing just to shoot Bond once captured. Goldeneye takes this to an extreme where an unconscious Bond is left in a puzzle box with all his gadgets over and over again. (Leaving him in a jet cockpit was particularly pathetic) Even by the weighted scale of a Bond villain, these are some pretty bad efforts.

The Ugly

The Ugly: Pierce Brosnan attacks Minnie Driver’s off-key singing. Look Bronson I saw Mamma Mia! You have no right ever to criticize anyone’s singing ever.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion: While Goldeneye is better remembered for the video game it spun off than the movie itself, it remains Pierce Brosnan’s strongest outing and a very entertaining film in its own right.

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