Guinea Pig: Devil’s Experiment (Ginî piggu – Akuma no jikken) (1985) Review

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No! Not the Comfy Chair

Guinea Pig: Devil’s Experiment (Ginî piggu – Akuma no jikken) (1985) : 1 out of 10: Hardcore porn films fall into two categories. Those with a semblance of plot (Gee that is one lucky pizza boy) and those without (Anal Amateurs 36). Devil’s Experiment falls solidly into the latter category. 

It is the horror version of hardcore porn. An almost completely plot less 43-minute wait for the money shot. Shot on video in 1985, it comprises three relatively nondescript Japanese boys torturing one fairly unattractive Japanese girl. The tortures range from the banal (slapping her 50 times, kicking her a hundred), the silly (tying her to an office chair and spinning her around), the Fear Factor (a bath of maggots and sheep guts) and finally the money shot. (A well-executed eyeball piercing). 

That’s it. No plot, no motive, just Blair Witch tree shots and torture. The girl looks bored and except for yelling, “no one expects the Spanish Inquisition” during the office chair scene, I was bored silly. Staring dumbfounded at the screen, waiting for the money shot. Just like hardcore porn.

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