January 10th 2022 (Stoic Boot Camp challenge version)

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Morning has Broken

Today’s challenge is what is your morning routine.

“Ok, you woke up 2 hours earlier than you typically do.

Now what?

The Stoics weren’t interested in waking up earlier as a productivity hack. And they didn’t wake up early just to say they did it. They very deliberately used that extra time in the morning. While it is important to start the day at a good hour, they’d say, what really mattered was what you did next.”

Alright, so I am two hours into my morning and what have I done? Listened to some philosophy (Yay). Traded sunrise pictures with Brooklyn (neutral). Eyed that defrosted pork chop (I am going to go with neutral). Read some emails., (Boo Boo out Satan)

Why do I read the news/ emails in the morning? It seems like it could be positive then I stumble on a Nextdoor post about a dead cat and it dives my mood. (A better question is why in hell do I even look at Nextdoor? I mean it is useful if I need to find a plumber but outside of that it is like Facebook if all my friends and relatives really sucked)

So I am a work in progress. I read myself to sleep last night, going to bed early as yesterday’s challenge promoted. So I do find myself up early this morning. Can I avoid taking a nap this afternoon before my shift starts? We shall see.

In the meantime, I have a couple of reviews to finish and maybe get posted this morning. Plus a pork chop to cook. Have a good morning everyone.

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