January 27th 2022 Follow-up (Stoic Boot Camp challenge version)

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Hey It’s a Follow up

Well, in all these challenges so far, I have not actually gone to the trouble of reporting back from the field. So I took my bath in nature. I went on the same path that Sherrie I would take when she was done with her chemo. It was a wonderful experience. As you can imagine, I spoke to her, and I choked up a little. I am very happy I revisited this patch of nature. I need to do this more.

Something I would note. I talked a lot in myPick one of your prized possessions and “get a cheaper, less attractive one post that a lot of the items I have kept do not have a financial value. Thier value is in the memories of my late wife they trigger.

It didn’t occur to me that places could have the same strong effect. This patch of woods certainly did have that effect on me. It is precious.

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