January 4th 2022 (Stoic Boot Camp challenge version)

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Fyre Festival

So today’s boot camp challenge was to take all the things that caused you pain and fear in 2021. Write them on a piece of paper and set them on fire.

I don’t really have an anger or grudge issue (compared to the mean) but it feels good to write everything that was awful last year and set it ablaze. (I certainly did not lack subject matter)

The most interesting thing is that I mostly put down internal issues (Things I did) rather than external events. I am not sure that is completely on point, but I have got to be me.

Brooklyn pointed out this was Festivus, but with fire. I didn’t share my list with anyone (except to the point of assuring Brooklyn she did not appear on it) nor did I take a photo of it. Seems against the point of the exercise. It’s gone now and is already fading from my memory.

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