January 7th 2022 (Stoic Boot Camp challenge version)

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Sweating to the Oldies.

So today’s Stoic challenge is to create a fitness goal for 2022.

When my wife died in February 2021 from cancer, I weighed 270 pounds. Probably the heaviest I had ever been. Physically, I was a bit of a wreck. I set a goal at the time to get below 200 pounds. A weight I was sometime around college. I realised that at some point I was going to have to see family and friends in person at the funeral and whether it was vanity or simply a desire to have people who cared about me not be concerend; I needed to drop the weight.

The funerals (one in Connecticut with a burial service and another in Florida for co-workers and her family) were scheduled for late May and June. I managed top drop forty pounds between February and May. I looked pretty good. But still it was not my goal I had set. Then on December 23rd 2021, this happened.

With that goal hit, I immediately backtracked due to both holiday indulgences and other factors. (Brooklyn left me with about a year’s worth of puff pastries and sausages) So I am once again 10 pounds from my 200 pound goal a few weeks later. But in my heart, while 200 pounds was a goal I didn’t think I would actually hit. It really isn’t my final destination. That is 185 pounds. So my goal for 2022 is to stick the landing and reach and maintain 185 pounds.

It will allow me to complete my wardrobe, which has taken a hit with my weight journey. Good news for the Hospice charity shop bad news for my budget. I will combine it with a much delayed visit to my primary care physician (I have not gone since well before my wife got sick and I am well overdue.) As well as some serious dental work. (that one tooth is going to come out on its own, so I am in the market for implants at the very least.)

So being in good health with everything working as it should is my goal for 2022. One always needs a nice concrete goal (which I always recommend if you want to succeed. Making a goal such as losing weight or be in better shape is useless. You need to have a number.) I am listing 185 pounds as my go to. (Watch this space for occasional updates.)

In theory, losing 25 pounds over a year should be a lot easier than seventy pounds in ten months. But I have a feeling as I get closer to goal, the challenge simply increases. We shall see.

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