January 8th 2022 (Stoic Boot Camp challenge version)

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Put the Phone Down. Blackberry is for Closers.

So today’s challenge is to observe the Jewish Sabbath, apparently. Well at least to the point we do not use our cell phone for one day. I like the concept of this challenge and I plan to take a day to take part in it at some point in the future. (Way behind on things I actually have to accomplish today. So I won’t be able to jump right in)

Brooklyn sent me this “I couldn’t be with you tonight because I am with someone else and look how much fun we are having” shot while I was writing this. Maybe I should have turned my phone off for Saturday.

Ryan Holiday does seem to have issues with his phone use. He often brings up how much time is wasted aimlessly scrolling on his phone (The word Instagram is spit out often during such sharings). I am of an older generation, so I seem somewhat immune. This is not to say I don’t know people older than myself who are actually glued to thier phones. It is rather amazing to me.

I actually have two major phone etiquette/ pet peeves in no certain order

  1. Taking your phone out during dinner is a strict no no unless you are taking a post meal group shot. No one cares about your food, people. It’s Carrabba’s Italian Grill, not a Michelin star restaurant on fire. This goes double when you are on a date with someone.
  2. For the love of all that is holy, stop taking video of fireworks. Stop taking video of a lot of things is good advice. But fireworks in particular are horrible. It isn’t as good as watching it live and there is not a single person on earth who has ever sat down to watch a video of fireworks someone took on thier phone. Not one. Ever.
Okay, I would allow a quick snap under these circumstances.

This is not to say I am completely innocent in this challenge. I do have a problem with checking email and often spend an hour (or two) in the morning doing emails and lost in entertaining but overall useless tangents. So there is work to be done. There is a difference between wasting time and taking some needed downtime. One of the appeals of golf, certain skilled hobbies like woodworking or even video games, is that they take you out of the current time and have you focus simply on the task at hand. This can be very useful meditatively.

Walking without a headset and with just with your own thoughts is also an excellent way to start a morning. Certainly better than clearing out your email folder.

This challenge is the kissing cousin of the Time Diary challenge a few days ago. And as I said in the January 5th time diary challenge ” any challenge that has its own discord channel really should not lecture people about wasting time.” I am interested in what is upcoming and would not be surprised to see a challenge more focused on morning (and evening) routines. Until then, have a great weekend.

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