Jason Bourne (2016) Review

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Bourne Again

Jason Bourne (2016): 7 out of 10: The Jason Bourne story so far. Jason became a superspy after the death of his father, but it turns out his father wasn’t killed by a runaway sled named Rosebud. He was assassinated by his uncle, played by Tommy Lee Jones. Uncle Tommy then marries his mother played by Julia Stiles, which means that his mother is now both his sister and his aunt. So Jason starts therapy, but it goes sideways when it turns out that the therapist is both a double agent and a ghost. 

I am pretty sure that synopsis is fairly accurate. The movie starts with a decent action scene in what is both supposed to be and clearly is not Athens and ends with an impressive action scene in what is supposed to be and clearly is Las Vegas. 

Between these two tent poles I have a couple of issues besides the incomprehensible plot (see above). First of all, if you are going to put up a title card for Berlin, London, Athens or Las Vegas you really don’t need to give us the country. Second, while the dynamic shaky cam is useful during dynamic chase scenes, though honestly I am not a fan, it needs to be turned off when characters are looking at their phone or just having coffee. Third, yelling the word enhance at a computer monitor will not turn a dozen blurry pixels into Julia Stiles. 

And lastly, what is it with modern movies showing our intelligence agencies murdering all their henchmen like some particularly demented James Bond villain. I noticed this silliness in Suicide Squad, of all things, but it is even sillier here. You just can’t go killing your own agent’s willy nilly. Workplaces don’t work like that. Everyone will call in sick if the boss is whacking their cube mates out of plot convenience.

The action bits make this watchable and the scenery is nice (except for that graffiti hellhole Berlin. Seriously Germans clean that up will you. Nobody is impressed). The acting is decent and entertaining. Only real shame is the plot is such an incomprehensible, silly mess.

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