Late Night Erotic Reads: A collection of 10 stories by Shelly Hixson (2023) Review

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From the home office in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

In the Late Night Erotic Reads anthology, Shelly Hixson has outdone herself by weaving together ten tantalizing stories that beckon readers into a world filled with desire, passion, and exploratory romantic encounters. This is not merely an assortment of erotic tales but a well-curated collection of her previously published works and some new stuff that evokes a myriad of emotions and keeps the readers glued to the pages, longing for more.

Hixson’s narrative prowess shines through as she crafts each story with a finesse that captures the essence of romance and erotica, fusing them seamlessly. The characters are beautifully flawed, making them relatable and their experiences real. Each narrative holds its unique allure, ensuring a fresh dose of excitement with every tale. The diversity in the scenarios caters to a broad spectrum of readers, with each story exploring different facets of love, lust, and everything in between.

The eloquence in her writing makes even the most explicit scenes tasteful and evocative. The subtle infusion of humor and witty dialogues adds a light-hearted touch to the otherwise steamy narrative, making it a well-rounded read. Hixson’s descriptive prowess allows readers to delve into the minds and the worlds of the characters, making the experiences palpable.

One of the anthology’s commendable aspects is the variety it offers. From passionate rendezvous to exploratory fantasies, every tale is a journey of discovery. The pacing is perfect, with each story well-timed to build up the anticipation, keeping the flames of desire burning till the very end. There is also a nice difference in length between stories and none overstay their welcome. My only complaint is in the fourth story My Best Mates. She changes a character’s name from Kane to Michael with no explanation. I love a good mystery, but the suspense is killing me. Is Kane okay? And why Michael…

Anyway, Late Night Erotic Reads is a testament to Hixson’s understanding of the erotic genre and her ability to pen down tales that are not just titillating but also emotionally resonant. This collection is a must-have for anyone looking to explore the genre or simply seeking a thrilling read to ignite the senses. So, prepare a cozy reading nook, settle down with this anthology as the sun sets, and let Shelly Hixson take you on a mesmerizing journey that celebrates the beauty and excitement inherent in human connections.

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Shelly Hixson

Thank you so much for writing this review! I love know what people think about what I’m writing. To help with the Kane/Michael issue (that I thought I caught them all). When putting all the stories into one, it clicked that I have a Kane and Ms. Kane. So I changed Kane to Michael. Thank you for pointing it out so I can go fix it!