Lawn Mowing Simulator (2021) Review

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A Cut Below

Lawn Mowing Simulator (2021): 4 out of 10: is an immersive and highly detailed simulation game that offers players the opportunity to experience the beauty and intricacies of mowing the picturesque landscapes of the Great British countryside. This unique simulator allows players to ride and control an impressive selection of real-world, licensed lawn mowers from renowned manufacturers such as Toro, SCAG, and STIGA.

As a player, you take on the role of a lawn mowing professional, managing your own business and undertaking a variety of contracts across different game modes. Whether you prefer a structured career path, a relaxed free mode, or challenging missions, Lawn Mowing Simulator 2021 caters to your play style.

In this game, attention to detail is key. Before embarking on each mowing task, you must meticulously execute ground checks to ensure the optimal conditions for a successful operation. Adjusting the blade height and monitoring the engine load are crucial tasks that contribute to achieving pristine results.

To enhance your mowing experience, Lawn Mowing Simulator 2021 offers a range of attachments to customize your mowers. From stripe rollers that create beautiful patterns on the grass to mulching kits, grass collectors, recyclers, and flail decks, you have access to an array of tools that allow you to tackle diverse mowing challenges and achieve different outcomes.

The game’s graphics and visuals are disappointing.

Lawn Mowing Simulator combines the drudgery of mastering lawn care techniques with the drudgery of managing your own business. As you successfully complete contracts and expand your operations, you can unlock new areas to mow and access additional equipment.

Immerse yourself in the world of Lawn Mowing Simulator and discover the most authentic and detailed lawn mowing simulation to date.

The Good

The Good: Well, I got Lawn Mowing Simulator for free from the Epic Games store and it gave me an excuse to try out my new AI art program.

Oh, you mean about the game? Well, there is some meat on the bones with the whole running your own landscaping business. Though I notice, unlike actual landscapers, you are restricted to mowing lawns yourself. No actual landscaping such as putting in bushes or creating water features, not even putting in a fernery for the English garden. In addition, from what I can tell, you cannot hire staff.

There is DLC that includes dinosaurs, which has the potential of being the Jurassic Park groundskeeper simulator we have all wished for.

The Bad

The Bad: Since I got this from the Epic Games shop for free, I played the PC version of Lawn Mowing Simulator and the keyboard controls are the kind of controls that will swear someone off PC gaming for life. WASD with a bunch of somewhat illogical hot keys. The riding lawnmower handles remarkably poorly to one’s commands, creating an instant frustration level and a barrier to enjoyment.

There is a more fundamental problem that mowing lawns is not all that much fun. Yes, I know this is a “dad” game where you do a mundane chore for relaxation. But many of these so called “dad” games have a little more to them. Farming Simulator certainly has a lot of gameplay identical to Lawn Mowing Simulator but there is more to the game. A lot more. It is like the difference between Hammer a Nail simulator and House Flipping simulator. Both can be relaxing and both involve hammering nails, but one has a lot more engagement.

The Ugly

The Ugly: The avatars. There is a collection of pre-made avatars for you to choose from. I believe some of them may be female, but I am not sure. You can choose the color and logo on the shirts from a collection of pre-made choices. What you cannot do is otherwise customize your avatar in any way. This is a serious miss in a game that is supposed to be about immersion.

Otherwise the graphics are serviceable but not all that great. The avatars, on the other hand, are a sore spot.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion: Lawn Mowing Simulator on PC is not worth it even for free. You need to use a controller to have even a hope of enjoying yourself. Since the game is on the PS5, those looking for a chill out game would be much wiser to pick it up there.

Or not. I honestly find mowing my lawn more enjoyable than the game. I get some exercise and sunshine. I get to listen to a podcast or an Audible book instead of the droning of a lawnmower. (Since I have an electric mower like many nowadays, I had forgotten how annoying the realistic lawnmower sound is.)

I like most “Dad” games in theory. But there are some chores I get my fill of in real life.

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