Mirror, Mirror (1990) Review

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Carrie on my wayward Movie 

Mirror, Mirror (1990): 7 out of 10: Goth Kid moves from LA to small-town America and her new bedroom comes with a haunted mirror. Grab hold of your dirty pillows and watch out for pigs’ blood cause we got ourselves a real-life Carrie up in these parts.

The Good

The Good: This is really not that bad a horror movie. A good background story involving the titular mirror. A Lydia from Beetlejuice cosplayer played by Rainbow Harvest. Good girl best friend (Kristin Datillo), Bad girl vixen (Charlie Spradling) and whacky wig wearing mother (Karen Black) round out the much better than it needed to be cast.

In addition, the horror scenes are quite well done. There are some fun surprises in store when everyday appliances get possessed by “The Mirror”

The Bad

The Bad: While originality is often overrated (some of the worst films I have ever seen are swimming in originality) one would be mistaken not to point out that certain elements of this film may harken back to other films. In Mirror Mirror’s defense, it itself was copied by more than a few films.

In Conclusion

In conclusion: Mirror, Mirror is a nice quiet well made horror film. It is no Death Spa, however. Chances are you will have forgotten you have seen it by the time it rolls back on your streaming service.

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