Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) Review

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Viva Las Vegas

Resident Evil Extinction (2007): 7 out of 10: is a science fiction action horror film released in 2007, directed by Russell Mulcahy. It is the third installment in the “Resident Evil” film series, based on the popular Capcom video game franchise of the same name.

“Resident Evil: Extinction” is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the T-virus, a biological weapon, has turned most of the Earth’s population into zombies and other monstrous creatures. The protagonist, Alice, portrayed by Milla Jovovich, is a former security operative of the Umbrella Corporation, the company responsible for the outbreak. She possesses superhuman abilities because of experiments conducted on her.

Alice roams the desolate landscape, trying to survive and evade both the undead and the Umbrella Corporation’s forces, who are still actively pursuing her.

Milla Jovovich shows up outside Las Vegas and meets up with a band of survivors right out of Mad Max: Fury Road led by Ali Larter playing Claire Redfield. They have a map to a safe zombie free zone in Alaska, but they are going to have to kill a bunch of zombies in Vegas and outwit the strangely pale folks from Umbrella. Together, they travel through the Nevada desert in search of a rumored haven known as Arcadia.

As they face many challenges and confrontations with zombies and other mutated creatures, Alice discovers that the Umbrella Corporation has been tracking their movements using satellite technology. Their journey becomes increasingly perilous as they are pursued relentlessly by Umbrella’s forces, led by the sinister Albert Wesker (portrayed by Jason O’Mara).

The Good

The Good: I recently reviewed a cheap B movie disaster film (10.0 Earthquake) and it took me a while to realise why I like it as much as I did. There is no mystery with Resident Evil Extinction. Milla Jovovich. Milla is such a delight she is often the best thing in excellent films (A Perfect Getaway) and in horrible films (Future World). This film has other strengths I mention below, but Milla is the reason for the season.

Whoever designed Milla Jovovich’s outfits deserves some sort of special Oscar. They are fantastic in this film. In fact, a lot of the design work is pretty good. Umbrella Corp is all underground and they have very stylish board meetings that would not be out of place for a vampire council from Blade or Twilight.

The Bad

The Bad: While Resident Evil Extinction gets points for some decent action sequences, there are issues. The CGI has not aged gracefully and this whole Milla teasing nudity in an R rated film directed by her husband, while not as bad as Kate Beckinsale in Underworld Evolution, is a touch tiresome.

Also, Vegas is all wrong. Resident Evil Extinction is hardly the only mass media to completely drop this particular post apocalyptic ball. Fallout New Vegas comes to mind. Anyone familiar with Vegas knows the city and suburbs go out a few miles in every direction from the strip. All the sand in the world is not going to reduce Vegas to a half a dozen landmarks.

Resident Evil Extinction also drags out that hoary old zombie film chestnut of the guy who clearly got bitten but is hiding it and no one is suspicious when he holds his sides in a funny manner and sweats a lot.

The Ugly

The Ugly: You know there is a group of fans who dislike the Resident Evil film franchise because it doesn’t follow the story of the video game. While I can be sympathetic to those who loved a novel or game only to see it adapted hamfistedly in movie form. (cough Uncharted cough. Tom Holland is the least Nathan Drake person alive and Mark Wahlberg as Sully? Forget playing the games. Have you even seen a cutscene? For the love of God, Sony, it is your own property)

In fact, I can be a bit of a sticker on this point, but sometimes you realise that perhaps the preteen group sex scene from the novel IT may not work as well on film. In the same vein, perhaps it is best the filmmakers of Resident Evil went their own way. I mean the main plot driver of Resident Evil 2, where Claire Redfield was introduced as a player character, is mutated Dr. William Birkin attempting to rape and impregnate his own ten-year-old daughter Sherry with his tentacle appendage. I am not sure that has Saturday afternoon matinee written all over it.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion: The best Resident Evil film is still Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom which manages to be a disappointing Jurassic Park film but a surprisingly solid Resident Evil movie. Which I guess technically makes it Dino Crisis. Man, a Dino Crisis movie would rock… where was I? Oh Yes. Resident Evil Extinction is a fun brainless action film with Milla Jovovich.

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