Singularity Principle (2013) Review

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Come for the physics stay for the warm embrace of Buck.

Singularity Principle (2013): 6 out of 10: A physicist experimenting with wormholes and the like may have created a bridge to an alternate universe. Or he might have had a psychotic break. Is his wife really leaving him for a resort owning oil baron who fixes cars named Buck? Will the labs RA shut down the experiment because of the spikes in electrical usage and the radiation glow? Will a local band get a five-minute cameo? The Singularity Principle will answer all these questions.

I have questions?

The Good

The Good: Fans of this movie (I am generously using the plural, as the only fan I know of is my wife) will tell you that Dr. David Deranian, a real-life physicist wrote and directed the movie. And you know what? That is both good and bad. On the good side, the physics are well presented and dumbed down just enough to follow along. The science will keep one interested when other aspects of the story fail to impress.

The whiteboard has entered the space-time continuum.

Also, for a limited (very limited) budget, they do a good job looking like it takes place at a physics lab. I’m guessing that they filmed on location at Dr. Deranian’s own lab but credit where credit is due. The special effects are also decent and they don’t try to cash checks they don’t have the money or talent for.

The fifth dimension for fall.

Singularity Principle has a real Time Chasers feel to the proceedings. And not just because the sets are sometimes hilariously off. It clearly is a work of love from those involved.

This has Time Chasers CEO office/ public library foyer easily beat. Where the hell are they supposed to be?

The Bad

The Bad: You want to know the downside of having a physicist write your screenplay. You get characters like Buck, the tall, rich, wife stealer. In fact, much of the dialogue and non-physics story steers dangerously into James Nguyen territory.

To the right we can see Buck who owns this mansion, hotel, ski resort?
To the left we see Buck joining our leads at this diner, conference room, someone’s apartment?

The Ugly

The Ugly: There is a local band (they are decent) and the main character plays the double bass. So let’s kill some time at the bar. I swear they filmed the wrap party and put it in the middle of the film.

Let’s just have a pitcher while the bands playing that ought to kill ten minutes of movie.

What is with the credits and what do they tell us? Amy LoCicero is top billed, but she appears in one quick flashback scene/ dream sequence. The actual co-star of the movie Kallie Jean Sorensen isn’t even in the main credits. WTF?

You are going to have to be quick with the pause button to catch Amy LoCicero in the movie.

As points out “The sleeve notes on the DVD have the plot dead wrong: Dr. Peter Tanning (Michael Patrick Denis) doesn’t attempt to convince a shrink he’s broken through the barrier and travelled into a parallel world, nor has he been incarcerated in a mental lab’s psych ward; there is no shrink nor psych ward in the film.”

There is however a CIA torture room/ Basement rec area.

So was the film re-cut and the marketing department not informed? Kallie Jean Sorensen is easily the best thing in the film: why is she barely mentioned in the credits or the marketing? Honestly, this is a bigger mystery than any Singularity Principle wormholes or why Buck is single and trolling diners for chicks.

Seriously, I am below waitress in the credits.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion: If you can get past the very limited budget, the occasional awkward dialogue, and story beat, and Buck cuckolding everything that moves you are in for an interesting dissertation on some physics principles wrapped in the warm blanket of science fiction.

Singularity Principle also does a touch of that Frequency time travel. Here is our cuckolded hero as a young man.
Singularity Principle also does that fading away girlfriend from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
William B. Davis is wonderful in this. He is so associated with Cigarette Smoking Man in X-files that it cannot be unseen in other roles. Ironically, the same fate that befell Ann B. Davis after The Brady Bunch ended its run.
This reminds me of the many depressing apartments I have lived in during my life. Except my cats would have done a number on those blinds within minutes.
John Diehl on the left has 147 credits on IMDB and is truly one of those guys I know from somewhere. He is very solid in Singularity Principle.
Michael Patrick Denis and Kallie Jean Sorensen make for a cuteish couple.
He has an Adrien Brody quality.
She has a touch of a Martine McCutcheon vibe.
Kallie Jean Sorensen
I don’t know if it is the natural lighting or the lack of pictures on the wall, but that is one depressing apartment.
Here are some more Kallie Jean Sorensen screenshots below.
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