Spending Thanksgiving with the Moretti’s (2016) Review

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This movie is like Birdemic without the birds.

Spending Thanksgiving with the Moretti’s (2016): 1 out of 10: All I wanted was a nice Thanksgiving movie to get me and the wife in the mood to decorate the house. You know, some background noise that we might stop and get into. Like The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, but for Turkey Day.

The grid of stars from a 70s disaster movie has taken over the whole poster. It’s billing blocks gone wild.

Go ahead, see if you can make it more than eleven minutes and forty seconds into Spending Thanksgiving with the Moretti’s. I couldn’t. I fast forwarded a bit to see if the real actors eventually showed up or if there was a Godzilla attack. Nope. This movie is like Birdemic without the birds. More tragically, it’s like Birdemic without Whitney Moore.

It is amazing when you can see bad acting in a still shot.

In all fairness; writer, director, and producer Rodney L. Cherry keeps the camera in focus and there is sound. He gathered a large group of people to appear in the film (Investors?). My point is that this appears to be his first movie and you know what good for him. He got out there and made a film.

This is not as interesting as one would assume. You know a cannibal Thanksgiving is just sitting there filmmakers.

You shouldn’t watch it. Seriously, it is just one person who can’t act talking to another person who cannot act. They talk about nothing that could possibly interest anyone. Then after eight minutes, Cherry changes people and locations so we get to sit through another group of people who cannot act talking about something completely different.

The audience ladies and gentleman.

If you or a loved one’s name does not appear in the credits, I would skip.

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