SpiderBabe (2003) Review

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SpiderBabe (2003): 8 out of 10: It is important to note I am comparing SpiderBabe to other films in the naked lesbian chicks that guys like to watch genre. I am not comparing it to other big budget superhero movies (though it is better than Elektra or Catwoman) or movie parodies (nice to see one without Leslie Nielson, however), nope strictly the soft-core lesbian porn for guys genre. In that category, SpiderBabe is certainly well above average. 

Okay, so it isn’t the greatest Cosplay

While not as good as say Lord of the G-strings or Embrace of the Vampire, it marks a vast improvement over two recent Misty Mundae (Erin Brown) films, the equally atrocious Lust for Dracula and New York Wildcats. Unlike those two films, you won’t be fast-forwarding through the plot. Come to think of it, unlike those two films, you won’t be fast-forwarding throughout the sex scenes either. 

Spider-Babe isn’t currently streaming, so I was unable to capture fun screenshots. I mean, there are screenshots on the web, but they are either potato quality or very not safe for work. Unlike our lovely Frankenhooker (Patty Mullen) above.

SpiderBabe doesn’t suffer from the “good lord put your clothes back on honey” third tier actresses that often appear in these films. All the girls here are quite attractive. Yet strangely, since the lesbian sex scenes are not the most inventive ever created and there is no real erotic tension between the characters, it is the filler that stands out the most.

Another girl next door (from Sex & Consequences). Erin Brown often has that nice girl next door quality rather than the plastic women that are all too often all that is available in porn.

SpiderBabe is a surprisingly expansive point-to-point deconstruction of the first Spider-Man movie. Everything from the tryout as a wrestler to the battle with the Green Goblin is given an erotic twist. And you’ll never guess from where SpiderBabe shoots her web (hint it isn’t her wrists). 

Speaking of Lesbian Erotica

While not as funny as G-Strings or erotic as Embrace, SpiderBabe deftly mixes lesbian sex scenes and spot on parody into an entertaining romp. If you like your lesbian porn with humor or for that matter your humor with attractive naked chicks SpiderBabe is for you. And lets all hope no one does an erotic remake of the Hulk, shall we?

Unfortunately for this lass from Never Too Young To Die It isn’t SpiderBabe coming to rescue her but George Lazenby.
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