Supersonic Man (1979) Review

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I owe Pumaman an apology

Supersonic Man (1979): 2 out of 10: Supersonic Man is a low budget Spanish rip-off of Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman. Supersonic Man features horrible special effects, even for the time. A microscopic budget and an aimless plot that gets more confusing as time goes on.

Not quite Sofia Vergara in Machette Kills.

One thought I had throughout the entire film is that I owe an apology to Pumaman. I mean, Pumaman is a masterpiece compared to this junk. It had an attractive female lead (Sydne Rome), a plot you could at least follow, and Donald Pleasence.

Supersonic Man has Cameron Mitchell.

The costume designer is clearly an escaped mental patient, and the musical score sounds like someone beating John Williams with a 1982 Casio keyboard.

Elon Musk, eat your heart out.

Two different actors inexplicably play the main character. Jose Luis Ayestaran plays the titular role as the flying, sparkling Supersonic, and Antonio Cantafora, sporting a mustache, as the non-flying non-sparkle Supersonic. This Bruce Banner/Hulk switcheroo makes little sense as the only actual difference between characters is one has a mustache, and the other is dressed for pride week.

The RiffTrax app wouldn’t allow any decent screen captures of Supersonic Man (Probably for the best) so here is a picture of my lovely late wife who died in February of this year from cancer.

Highlights of Supersonic Man include a bulldozer made of balsa, cars that explode when going down a slight incline, Supersonic getting kidnapped constantly while in non-sparkly mustache mode.

Oh, and one last thing to turn into Supersonic Man our hero has to say “May the great force of the galaxy be with me” Uh-huh.

I am so sorry, Pumaman I didn’t realize how good we had it.

Better special effects than the movie featured.

RiffTrax Version

RiffTrax Version Supersonic Man (1979): 7 out of 10: Some splendid jokes but much as Supersonic Man doesn’t rise to the level of Pumaman, I am afraid that RiffTrax’s riffs don’t rise to the level of MST3K’s treatment of Pumaman. The boys never seem to get a good rhythm with all the silliness on screen.

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Carla cohen

Nicely written