Swedish Wildcats (Every Afternoon) (1972) Review

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Chick Flick

Swedish Wildcats (Every Afternoon) (1972): 2 out of 10: Have you ever been watching a film and a slow creeping horrific realization comes over you? You know despite the box art and the blurbs you realize this movie isn’t what you thought it was. It is something much more dastardly and vile. It’s a chick flick.

Swedish Wildcats is a chick flick in all its Harlequin Romance, bad Anime back-story glory. The original title Every Afternoon should have been a clue, and the music gives hints but it isn’t till the fortieth shot of a fully clothed woman wandering around the parks in sun-drenched Copenhagen that the true level of horror sinks in. 

The girls are attractive enough and disrobe from time to time but seem remarkably bored with the whole affair. The men all resemble eurotrash surrender monkeys with a couple resembling flaming surrender monkeys if you know what I mean. The wildcat scenes are nothing you haven’t seen Rebecca Romijn do in the X-Men movies. 

In fact, all the stage productions look more like NEA grant fodder than an actual erotic show. There is no real erotic edge and the plot with a whore pretending to be ballerina finding chaste love with mechanic pretending to be a test pilot is right out of every bad Japanese animated series ever (Minus the giant robots). This movie needed giant robots, a serial killer, something besides romance and a tour of Copenhagen. 

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