Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (2018) Review

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The Kids are not alright.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (2018): 6 out of 10: The popular cartoon series for children heads to the big screen with plenty of cameos from your favorite DC characters (And one Marvelous cameo) as Robin tries to get his own movie deal in a universe that would rather have a movie about Alfred the Butler.

This is all Moviebob’s fault. He gave this three and a half stars and said it was as good as Lego Batman. Well, it isn’t. It’s not that bad, mind you. The plot involving DC heroes being too busy to fight crime due to all their film commitments is a funny take and there are plenty of deep dive cameos for the comic book nerds. It just has trouble spliting between either intended audience.

Of course, a lot of the jokes are, shall we say, fart related? Which I guess should be expected for a movie for six-year-olds. Which is a bit of an issue. The movie is way too loud and seizure-inducing to appeal to sober adults, and yet the funniest bits are clearly aimed at the parental unit.

The lessons in the movie are not all that kid friendly either. There is a lot of murder and cruelty for a film aimed at six-year-olds who may not be able to get the meta humor. Okay, honestly I didn’t get some of it either. As my wife mentioned, Mr. Rogers would not approve. No, he would not.

Drowning, shooting or running people over with cars and then running away from their dead body might make a fun sight gag in an over the top action film, but does it really have a place in entertainment aimed at toddlers?

All that said, I don’t want to be too negative. Even though the movie is meta to a fault, it is often quite funny. And there is a lesson about how friends are more important than fame somewhere in there.

There is too much of… well everything… to sit through for the fan service (no, not that kind of fan service, thank god) and honestly, I would be hesitant to let one’s kids see this. Kids are enough of a terror as it is really no reason to encourage them.

Making the deadly balloon animals kitties is a nice touch.m
I am a simple man and the bat themed razor scooter cracks me up.
Swamp Thing is always an appreciated cameo.
I remember two gifts from my youth. My Intellivision and my Big Wheel.
Not just does Arthur get a movie in this universe but so does the Batmobile and the Utility Belt.
I can hear the Kenny G through the screen.
I think the drugs are kicking in.
Yeah the drugs are definitely kicking in.
Yes Superman being a jerk is definitely in universe for DC.
Holy cameo Batman. Is that Stan Lee as the Janitor?
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