The Acid House (1998) Review

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Instant Review: Great, Brilliant, Oh God make it stop.

The Acid House (1998): 8 out of 10: A collection of three films strung together with wildly different results. 

The first film (The Granton Star Cause 8 out of 10) is a pleasant surprise and high comedy. It is a take on Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis mixed with God, elderly sadomasochism, and a football team. Outrageous and funny, it is a great black comedy involving a bloke named Boab who is having a very bad day indeed. And as God lovingly points out, it is his own lazy incompetence that is basically responsible for his troubles. 

You see, this is Stephen McCole’s problem. He is drinking the wrong beer. God has it right, a good stout.

The second film (The Soft Touch 9 out of 10) is a top-notch drama. Kevin McKidd portrays a get along cuckolded husband with perfection while Gary McCormick, as Larry, is stunning as the upstairs neighbor. American audiences are not used to seeing their protagonists pushed this far without pushing back, but to this ear it rang realistic.

Kevin McKidd got the last laugh career wise however.

The third film (The Acid House 4 out of 10) is a very overlong train wreck that may have worked on paper but fails miserably in film. It includes such Trainspotting regulars as that horrible mechanical baby (Like a demented Chucky) and brainless Coco who amuses for about five minutes before becoming tiresome. Add horrendous dialog, endless poop jokes and an acid trip left over from a Peter Fonda film and you have one great mess. As a five-minute bit it could have worked, but time seems to stand still while it drags its bloated carcass on the screen. 

This is the type of Baby you have in It’s Alive not a comedy.

God (who appears in all 3 segments wonderfully played by Maurice Roeves) may seem vengeful in the first film and carelessly sadistic in the second, but this viewer was praying to him during the third segment to make the pain go away.

Maurice has the best expressions in this film.
Mom has some secrets.
The late Jenny McCrindle enjoying a drag (She died of complications from multiple sclerosis in 2014)
You know I never got the cheating girlfriend part of this story.
The guy is clearly a loser, so she chooses to be with another guy. It’s not like they are married.
I mean, Jenny is clearly just having a good time. Hardly a reason for revenge.
Speaking of having a good time notice the gent to the left assuming the position.
We lost Maurice in 2020. Another example of 2020 not being the best year ever,
Mondays… am I right?
One of the most realistic Scottish weddings ever put on film.
The Acid House does a great job showing poverty in the second film. Everything is jerry rigged and dirty.
I mean look at the bedsheet curtains and the state of the floorboards. Deplorable.
Sorry she has too many teeth and not enough tattoos for this scene.
Just a cute background picture from a film that is often ugly, cynical, and depressing.
Arlene Cockburn’s hair is like some sort of Princess Leia gone very wrong.
Now that is one dad one does not mess with.
Okay, I think reality has left the building.
Mechanical Baby breastfeeding; I see the Redgrave acting tradition is alive and well.
It really would not even be out of place for the baby to start killing people movie. I mean, your killer baby movie is sitting right there.
Jemma Redgrave with her now apparently Chinese baby/backpack. Seriously movie?
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