The Evil That Men Do (1984) Review

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Undercover of the Night 

The Evil That Men Do (1984): 5 out of 10: Below average Charles Bronson vehicle marred by some poor acting particularly by female lead/love interest Brooklyn born Theresa Saldana. She seems to have no real purpose in the plot except to scold Charles, which makes no sense considering her role in the film. And while she is a poorly written character who makes little sense plot wise, Theresa’s performance certainly doesn’t help things.

Love interest or time for your prostrate exam?

Charlie, looking great at 62, does the Death Wish thing throughout scenic Mexico and has some nice takes on his character. Particularly when he pretends to be a swinger to pick up a bodyguard or hides under the bed during an unexpected lesbian tryst. 

No, this is not the lesbian sex scene.

The finale is also well done with a nice Freaks vibe to it. Overall, an okay mix of some nice standout scenes and Mexican locations saddled with some really poor acting and unfortunate pacing.

Joseph Maher is a lot of fun in this movie. Here he is in an exercise machine infomercial.
Why would this be a tense scene? Unnamed foreign South American counties are teeming with middle-aged white American CIA types thanks to Operation Condor.
I just want to talk about that painting in the background. The giant one of the lady in the green dress. Do you think it was already at the house when they filmed or do you think a set dresser for The Evil That Men Do said you know what gives this place that evil rich South American feel? A giant painting of a lady in a green dress. I would buy that painting and proudly display it in my home. I wonder where it is now?
Have you seen my friend Pumaman?
He wears khakis and sometime he kinda flies.
The YouTube video above shows Charlie beating up Vadinho (Miguel Angel Fuentes) despite all evidence of age and physics. But hold on Charlie is also wearing khakis…OMG Charles Bronson is Pumaman. That explains so much.
First of all, cool watch. Second cool turtleneck. Third… I don’t mean to point out negatives here, but you have a throwing dagger in your neck.
Charlie’s seduction techniques need a little work.
Charlie kicks a man out of a forty story window. Let’s see: Antoinette Bower is already bored. There is clearly a mattress pad right below the guy. Heck, I can even see a hand in the lower right-hand corner.
Theresa Saldana expresses disappointment to Charles Bronson over the lack of coasters in their safehouse.
This is why you should knock when your guy is in the bathroom.
His pistol would work better if it didn’t have that wire going to his squib.
Our hero reflecting on his day.
Our heroine who looks like she sees another drink missing a coaster.
You know I have a cream that could… Oh, who am I kidding… What exactly is supposed to even be wrong with this guy?
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