Tragedy Girls (2017) Review

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Murder She Blogged

Tragedy Girls (2017): 9 out of 10: Two high school sociopaths kidnap the local serial killer both to learn from him and keep him as a pet as they work out how to use murder to increase their social media cred.

You might not like this movie. It celebrates narcissism and psychopathy and shallowness. You might think such a film is a bad influence on a society that hardly needs yet another example of such traits. That is an honest opinion, and that distaste for this subject is a reasonable critique.

Had this movie made any missteps, it could have been a disaster. It doesn’t. Tragedy Girls is the story of two best friends who are serial killers played perfectly by Brianna Hildebrand and Alexandra Shipp. Honestly, they are some of the most brutal serial killers you will see on film.

As a black comedy, this works, but as an honest to goodness serial killer movie, this still works. The film doesn’t just pull punches, it invents punches you won’t even see coming.

If you can get beyond the inappropriateness of such characters existing in this day and age, be prepared for a treat for fans of horror films, high school comedies, and social media stars.

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